12,95 CHF

Free delivery within Germany.

  • Plush toy Seagull
  • Height: 25 cm
  • Material: 100% plush
  • CE qualified

Of course, I’m honored to note that various competitors in the field of “coaching” copy my trademarked mascot or have plagiarized her with minor modifications. This shows that Carina Clever, whom I created in 2018, has really struck a nerve. Legal action will be taken against certain instances of plagiarism, to be sure.

It’s just amazing and also disconcerting that people who call themselves “highly gifted” or “highly sensitive” and work in the field as a “coach” or “consultant” don’t have their own ideas and have to copy really good ideas from professionals like me. So my advice is to pay close attention to whom you take on as a coach–if someone needs to steal other people’s ideas, then not much positive can be expected from that person as a “coach/consultant.” 😉

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