Without rules, everyone’s just playing themselves!

Whether it's about play, work or a partnership—without rules, everyone just does whatever they want and can become their own worst enemy. But that's not what we’re about at Clever People—The Unique Network for Giftedness and Asperger's/Autism. Whoever joins Clever People commits to accepting and adhering to our values and rules of conduct:

Values and Rules

Respectful interaction

Members commit themselves to a respectful, constructive, and fair interaction with each other.
They formulate messages, contributions, comments, and entries in an understandable and polite manner and also consider the interests of the communication partner.

No insults

Insults, defamation, incitement of the people, lies, racist or obscene remarks, etc., are undesirable on this platform and must be refrained from. In case of violation, a warning will be issued; in case of further violation, the member will be blocked immediately.

Appropriate profiles

The profiles of members who identifiably violate the rules of conduct will be blocked immediately, including all data, until the situation has been clarified. Clever People will seek explanation as quickly as possible and, if warranted, reactivate the profile. If no clarification can be made, the profile including all data will be deleted and the member will be permanently banned.

Private or Professional

Advertising one's own business, e.g. as a coach, artist or businessman, is only allowed and possible with a "professional membership".
For "private memberships," any self-promotion on the profile or in the forums is prohibited. Private memberships can be changed to a professional membership at any time by highly gifted adults—this is not possible for guests.

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