Your virtual place to meet, exchange, discuss.


Your virtual place to meet, exchange, discuss.


Your virtual place to meet, exchange, discuss.

Which forums does Clever People offer?

At Clever People you can search for other gifted people who share your interests or characteristics. In addition, you will find various forums with topical focuses. Within the forums, as a member of Clever People, you can get to know each other virtually, exchange information, and discuss.

Forum groups


Members can exchange and find information about Asperger's / Autism / ASD as a special facet of neurodiversity in this group.

School and daycare

Especially parents can exchange information about specific (private and public) schools and/or daycares and/or develop ideas to change situations in a positive way in this forum.

Mutual support

In this forum members can support each other, e.g. on how to deal with giftedness, situations at work, everyday life, etc. Just listen, reflect, give tips.

News members

New members can introduce themselves here and receive a warm welcome by the community. The first contacts to other Clever People are usually made here.

Personal meetings

Members can search and find other clever people here for personal meetings, events, lectures, exhibitions, short trips, travels etc.

Politically interested

If you want to share your thoughts on society and politics, on promoting democracy or positively changing existing situations your at the right place here.

Highly gifted & motherhood

Highly gifted mothers often face special challenges in balancing everything. There is plenty of room for exchange and support here.

High sensitivity

Members find exchange and mutual support for dealing with high sensitivity as a special facet of neurodiversity in this forum.

Dealing with yourself and others

Dealing with giftedness and neurodiversity is not the easiest exercise in the life of a gifted person. Here, members find exchange and input.


Find exchange and information on various synesthesias as a special facet of neurodiversity in this group.

High creativity

Many gifted people are also highly creative. Here's the place to find exchange, support and information around this exciting facet of neurodiversity.

Job, profession, vocation

Looking for a new job? Find offers here and advertise yourself. Highly gifted members can not only find a job, but also their vocation.

Retrained left-handed

Retrained left-handedness is often connected with challenges, especially for the highly gifted. Members can find information, exchange and support in this forum.

Environment, Animals, Nature

Highly gifted people often have a special relationship to nature and animals. Here you can find initiatives or start one yourself and get involved in nature, animal and environmental protection.

Literature for book friends

Highly gifted readers can exchange information on a wide variety of literature, post reviews, or even start their own book project with other highly gifted readers.

Solution talk for highly gifted people

New from March 2023: members receive professional ideas and approaches to solutions on their own topics, which they submit in writing in advance (2x per month, included in the fee).

Does any forum grab your attention?

Use these unique topics for an exchange on equal footing!
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