This is how the idea for Clever People—The unique Network for the Highly Gifted and Neurodiverse - came about.

High quality and service at a fair price.

Have you often asked yourself:

  • Where can I meet intelligent, inspiring people and exchange ideas with them on equal footing?
  • Where can I finally find people with whom I can get along without having to explain myself or take a back seat?
  • Where can I critically inform myself about socio-political or other relevant topics and exchange ideas without having to follow the common mainstream opinions?
  • Where can I specifically find a life partner, friend, roommate, sparring partner or mentor (m/f/x) who suits me?

In the course of working with exceptionally intelligent and neurodiverse-gifted people in my private practice for giftedness, I was confronted with these questions again and again.

This gave rise to the idea of launching the Clever People project.


Unsure if you are exceptionally intelligent?

Even if you’ve only recently become involved with giftedness or have not yet been formally assessed as gifted, you’re welcome to join Clever People. With the private service package for guests, you get a full-fledged profile that you can use for the duration of one year to take a look around, exchange ideas with other highly gifted people, and take your time to decide whether or not to take advantage of giftedness assessment. Experience shows that about 80% of the people who feel comfortable with Clever People are also highly intelligent (IQ 120+).

Clever People –The network for parents, too

Exchange with like-minded people is always helpful!

If you as a parent find out after an IQ test that your child is highly gifted or has other neurodiverse characteristics such as high sensitivity, Asperger’s/autism or synesthesia, you’re often first and foremost relieved to finally discover what’s going on with your child and why he or she is "so different" from the others.

Next, questions often arise, e.g. about how you should continue to raise your special child, which school or extracurricular offers make sense, how you should deal with a sibling who is possibly not highly gifted or how you should present a case to the teaching staff at their school, for example. If you are looking for a genuine exchange with parents in a similar situation, Clever People is the right place for you.

Parents who’d like to enroll one or more highly gifted children and at the same time seek an exchange with other parents are given the option of family membership. Parents without proof of intelligence receive a so-called "parent profile" for which no prior IQ test is required, provided that a highly gifted child is also registered.

These are our available memberships:

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Private Basis

Worth it!

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Business Basis

Pays for itself!

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Giftedness assessment online

Best benefits! 

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Online coaching

The ultimate!

What’s more, our experts can provide you with targeted support for questions, issues, and difficulties.

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