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Clever People—Some interesting facts about the platform

Clever People

...is a serious, independent community that has 100% real and proven highly gifted and neurodiverse members.

Clever People

...offers the possibility of "configuring" your "dream partner" (m/f/x) by using different search filters.

Clever People

...offers the possibility of finding a suitable tenant or landlord or roommate (m/f/x) for a suitable apartment/house that meets the special needs of neurodiverse-gifted people.

Clever People

...offers people who are still unsure about or figuring out their own giftedness an appropriate exchange with a one-year "guest membership."

Clever People

...offers not only contacts with "like-minded people" who share your interests, but also contacts with other highly gifted and neurodiverse-gifted people (from IQ 120+) on equal footing.

Clever People

...is primarily intended for active gifted and neurodiverse-gifted people who have little time or opportunity to travel to events where it is uncertain whether other gifted adults will even be present.

Clever People

...offers the possibility for neurodiverse-gifted people, i.e. people with high giftedness, high sensitivity, Asperger’s/autism or synesthesia, to find inspiring and 100% real contacts with other highly gifted people in a short time and across national borders.

Clever People

...makes it possible to discover online—before a meeting in-person—whether you like each other and operate on the same level.

Clever People

...provides you with a secure platform you can trust, places a high value on protecting your privacy, and ensures in a variety of ways that your information is safe and not resold for commercial purposes.

Clever People

...brings together highly gifted people with or without Asperger's/autism and competent experts in various fields.

Q & A

Why can't I register myself with Clever People?
Clever People only wants 100% real members, no fake or generated profiles.

If you want to join Clever People, just click on "Register Now" and follow the instructions there.

Why do I have to upload my ID and IQ proof when registering?
Clever People only wants 100% real members, no fake or generated profiles.

At Clever People, you should always know with whom you or your child is corresponding.
Therefore, in order to register, I need official proof of your full name and address.

If I’ve already been your client, do you still need all the documentation?
No, if we already know each other from our cooperation in my private practice, I don’t need any additional documents or proof from you for your registration. For clients, I store these here in the practice for at least 10 years.

As a special, “in-house deal," the private membership is permanently free of charge for all my clients and their children. However, there is no legal claim to a free private membership 🙂 .

If you are interested, please just send me an email at enjoy@cleverpeople.net.

What data do you store (and where)?
All the data you share with me is saved offline on my PC, meaning not directly on the platform. Outside/unauthorized parties therefore have no way of seeing your data.
On the platform itself, the only data that is published or saved is data you specify to be published or saved.

Can I register with Clever People even if I don't know yet if I’m highly gifted?
Yes. For example, if you have only recently begun to consider the question or have not yet had an intelligence assessment, you will receive a full, private guest membership at the regular membership rate for a period of one year. People whose IQ test materials don’t quite match will also receive a private guest profile. The private guest membership ends automatically after one year.
Within this year you can exchange ideas with other gifted people and perhaps also reduce your uncertainty about IQ tests.

Can I opt into additional packages at a discount during the term of my membership?
Yes, you can book additional services such as online coaching or online giftedness assessments at a discounted rate at any time during your membership with Clever People.

To do so, simply book the additional service you want under "Offers" in the “Why 120+” menu (alternatively, you can also find the offer in the "Shop").

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