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The unique network for

giftedness and Asperger Autism

ADULT 120+ Private

120+ Finally belong!

For highly gifted adults (IQ 120+) with or without Asperger’s Autism.
Have you only recently found out that you’re one of the highly gifted people with IQ 120+ or are highly gifted and an “Aspie”?

Maybe you’ve known for a while, but only now find the time to grapple with it and you sometimes still find it difficult to deal with your own giftedness?

Do you have the feeling you’re still far below your capabilities professionally and you’d like a new challenge?

Do you have the desire to exchange ideas with other highly gifted people on equal footing—to finally be understood without having to explain yourself or take a back seat?

Or do you have the need to be professionally supported and accompanied in certain topics in order to simply understand yourself better?

If you already have proof of your giftedness with IQ 120+, you can register here privately (without marketing permission).



Clever People – The unique network for giftedness and Asperger Autism

– Offers not only contacts with “like-minded people”, but with other highly gifted or Asperger-autistic people “on equal footing.”



Make interesting, inspiring and 100% authentic connections with other gifted people, with or without Asperger Autism.



A reputable, independent community that has 100% real and verified gifted members with or without Asperger Autism.



A secure platform you can trust. Protecting your privacy is a priority. We make sure your data is safe with a comprehensive strategy.

Only 100% real members!

Thanks to identity proof before registering, only 100% real members are on the platform, no fakes!

Basic details

Every member reveals their real first name and the first two letters of the postal code of their place of residence as basic identifying information


This way your anonymity is still preserved if you wish, but others have the possibility to estimate which region you’re from. You can expand your profile at any time.

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